Director of Tennis Search

As the Chairman of Wee Burn Country Club's tennis committee, I (along with our general manager) retained McMahon to identify our new Director of Tennis. Mark provided invaluable advice and perspective to our 7-member subcommittee and worked seamlessly alongside our general manager during the process.

Mark effectively helped us define our club's needs and expectations and facilitated development of desired skill sets and competencies for our prospective new hire. Mark helped to provide a clear process for reviewing potential candidates and conducted all initial video interviews. After working closely with me and our general manager, Mark delivered a detailed analysis with a recommended short list. He also assisted the committee with interview structure and process (attending in person), and provided his insights into the selection of semi-finalist and finalist candidates.

Most importantly, Mark worked well with the diverse personalities and interests of our tennis subcommittee. In the end, we are very pleased with his work and our selection of our new Director of Tennis.

Bryan Kelley, Tennis Committee Chair - Wee Burn Country Club

Director of Tennis Search

I contacted Mark to conduct a nationwide search for a new Tennis Director. The caveat - he had two only months to do the search! Mark did a tremendous amount of work, too much to discuss in this letter, but suffice it to say, Mark kept me in the loop every week, had conference calls with my Board, provided a step by step timetable, and completed the project on time, and on budget.

 Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with; he is organized, pleasant and very knowledgeable. His attitude or demeanor never wavered during somewhat difficult questioning by me and our Board. He is confident, has a great work ethic and I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Chet Chicosky, General Manager / COO - New Haven Lawn Club

Director of Racquets Search

Mark and I became acquainted when he served as the Search Consultant for us at St. Louis Country Club. The search was very successful and Mark had a lot to do with that. I chaired the Search Committee.

We also have had an excellent racquets sports program for close to 100 years and were faced last year with the retirement of our beloved head racquets sports professional after 32 very successful years.

Mark's firm was selected through a competitive process. A key consideration, aside from Mark's excellent credentials in the racquets sports search field, was that he had worked with our Club's General Manager on other successful searches at other clubs at which our GM had previously served.

Mark stepped into our situation and took charge of the process day one. He met with the retiring pro and his staff, toured the Club and assessed our needs and then followed up with interviews with members our Search Committee. Based on that work, he met with the Search Committee and presented his assessment of our needs, opportunities and challenges. The biggest challenges we had related to establishing a "consensus" among the disparate views of the Search Committee as to the type of professional we wanted/needed and completing the search in time for season opening which was just three months around the corner.

The following skill sets were exhibited by Mark and were, in my judgment, the keys to our success:

  • Mark has a thorough knowledge of the "lay of the land" of racquets professional prospects around the U.S. He is a professional among professionals.

  • Mark was quickly able to understand the needs of our Club and identify candidates who were appropriate.

  • Mark established a rigorous candidate interview process which revealed so much about each of the candidates.

  • Mark was able to stand up to some of our stronger minded Search Committee members who had some very "wrong-headed" perspectives. He was firm when he had to be.

  • Mark established an aggressive time schedule and stuck with it.

  • Mark he did not impose his views on us.

  • Mark handled the contract negotiations with our candidate choice and worked through some challenging compromising issues without compromising our agreed terms.

  • Mark managed the expectations of our Search Committee very well throughout of the process.

We are very pleased with the results of our search and Mark deserves a lot of credit for this success.

Spencer Burke, Chairman Search Committee - St. Louis Country Club

Director of Racquets search

I am writing to recommend the services of McMahon & Associates, LLC, whom we hired based on the firm’s testimony of high esteem and credibility, as documented to us by previous clients. We contracted McMahon for his expertise in hiring a new Director of Racquets for Greenwich Country Club. We went through an extensive and demanding search which would not have been as methodical and as introspective had it not been for Mark.

Mark worked for many hours alongside our Racquets Search Committee and me to accomplish our goal of finding an excellent fit for our Club membership. Should the need occur, we would not hesitate to appoint him again.

Guy D’Ambrosio, General Manager / COO, The Stanwich Club, Greenwich, CT

Director of Racquets search

Mark, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am that we were able to hire a new Director of Racquets. I know this will be an outstanding fit for the club and it would not have been possible to have such a streamlined and thoughtful process without your help.

You did exactly what you promised, exactly when you promised, and gave us a heavy dose of insight that informed the process along the way. As I am certain you know, country clubs seldom go through a search process for a Racquets Director and it was a tremendous help and comfort to me and the Search Committee to have your guidance as we went through the process.

Your position questionnaire and profile on each candidate made it possible for us to come to the interviews armed with robust and well thought-out questions. I believe the process you managed for us empowered us to make a better selection that ultimately will lead to a better long-term fit for our club.

Andrew Schoelkopf, Racquets Committee Chair - Greenwich Country Club