To hire the right professional for your program, we first help you to identify exactly what is needed for your program

In your complimentary 'Before Your Hire' Consultation, Master Professional Mark McMahon helps your team Assess your existing program and benchmarks your expectations, priorities and compensation for the new professional. We take the time to learn about your club's cadence, it's history, it’s culture, and how your program integrates with other club departments.

With the right planning in place, you’ll be ready to reach the right audience about your position so you can quickly identify and recruit the professional who is most ideally suited to take your program to the next level.

After working closely with me and our general manager, McMahon delivered a detailed analysis with a recommended short list. He also assisted the committee with interview structure and process (attending in person), and provided his insights into the selection of semi-finalist and finalist candidates.
— Bryan Kelley, Chair, Wee Burn Country Club Tennis Committee