1. access our professional Network

With over 30 years of experience as a Tennis Director and Search Consultant, and successful national roles with the United States Professional Tennis Association and USTA, McMahon has built an unparalleled, national network of professionals. We access that network to proactively recruit professionals with the right skills, the right experience and the right temperament to lead your program and Wow! your members. We promote your open position extensively within the geographic parameters which you define and attract the most qualified professionals.

McMahon keeps your search on schedule. While each search is unique, McMahon consistently completes search projects (with an offer extended by the club) within 6-8 weeks.  

2. recruit and identify professionals with interest

Mark McMahon personally reviews the background, experience and potential fit of every professional who expresses interest in your position. To ensure the highest quality pool of candidates available we concurrently identify, and actively recruit, suitably experienced professionals from within the targeted area. We cast a wide net using our extensive database, and network.

3. determine initial candidate pool

From the professionals who express interest in your position, we select an Initial Candidate Pool before conducting introductory telephone interviews. If the Candidate remains viable after this introductory telephone conversation, we ask the Candidate to complete our Position-Specific Questionnaire. This questionnaire is unique to your program and priorities, and is developed based on the Program Assessment & Priorities Profile completed during your initial Consultation.

4. selection of finalists

After review of the questionnaire responses, we select those professionals who are the most Suitably Qualified Candidates. We conduct second interviews with this group via video-conference before selecting a preliminary list of Proposed Finalists. We submit this list to you, along with a link to our Proposed Finalist Candidate Summary. This summary includes a copy of each Finalist’s response to the Position-Specific Questionnaire, as well as their original Cover Letter and Resume. After reviewing this list together, you’ll indicate your preference for the professionals you would like to bring to the club for personal interviews.

5. Assessment and background

Once finalists have been determined, we notify each Candidate of their selection. At this time we administer a Personality Assessment designed to predict how the professional will respond to typical club situations and complete further in-depth reference and background checks including a third-party criminal background check.

6. Finalist onsite interviews

In advance of the finalists’ interviews we prepare an Executive Summary Package on each Finalist for your Search Committee. In addition to the materials previously provided, we include summary information from the Candidate’s Personality Test, narratives from their References and a summary of the Reference and Background Checks.

We plan the schedule for each interview which may include a club tour, a traditional group interview setting, an on-court private and group lesson, and an informal social setting. We also provide your search committee with recommended questions that are designed to have the candidate converse openly and freely.

7. decision and offer

At the completion of the Onsite Interviews, McMahon handles all follow up communications with all candidates. We offer you our perspective on the interviews and answer your questions. Once you have made your decision we are available to assist in finalizing and extending the Offer to your chosen Candidate.