McMahon | 10s provides private clubs with a range of professional Pickleball Consulting Services designed to help your club quickly know the best way to introduce Pickleball. Our Services include three-options:

  1. Facility Assessment & Audit - We help you determine if Pickleball is feasible at your club, and if so, where and how.

  2. Assessment & Audit Plus+ Launch Events - We train your staff, certify them to teach, conduct an exhibition, and run a clinic

  3. Pickleball Professional Search & Hiring Consulting - We help you hire a Pickleball specialist to lead and manage your program.

Pickleball is the fasted growing sport in the United States. Private clubs are quickly wanting to provide members with access to the sport, but are not sure how to do so.  In response to the many inquires we have received, McMahon | 10s and the best Private Club Pickleball Professional in the country, Pickleball Consultant Jarrett Chirico, USPTA, PPTA, PTR, PPR, provide private clubs with critical new services that can help your tennis racquets staff meet the Pickleball expectations of your membership.

We travel to your club to assess the facilities, land and amenities currently in place. Our goal is to find the best way for you to introduce Pickleball and allow you members to “try” the sport, with minimal investment or disruption to your existing program. Before you commit additional resources without knowing for certain just how popular the sport is, your staff can begin to offer instruction, play and social opportunities for your members to try the game. Recent data is showing that Pickleball is attracting golfers, former tennis players and current players and that it is an extremely popular activity that brings together members from all demographics.

Pickelball Facility Assessment and Audit

Our most popular service starts with understanding what you have, and what is possible. Assessment & Audit Service includes:

  1. Facility Walkthrough with your Tennis or Racquets Professional. We’ll get an understanding of your club, your members, the program currently in place, the ideas your team have, and we’ll explore the physical or other limitations which exist pertaining to pickleball.

  2. We’ll review the current Profit & Loss statement of Tennis / Racquets program. We will discuss what resources may be available to begin a Pickleball program and analyze the revenue and expenses associated with the different types of programs currently in place for tennis or other racquet sports.

  3. Based off this review, we’ll provide your team with the following resources:

    • A customized Guide that we call “Pickleball – From A to P-ickleball”. This guide is designed specifically for private clubs and outlines how to get Pickleball up and running for your members. We provide your team with information and ideas on programs, exhibitions and social events as well as proven strategies on how your club can generate additional revenues directly from the introduction of a professional Pickleball program.

    • Our Assessment includes recommendations for where pickleball will be best placed within your club without construction of new, dedicated courts.

    • If you ultimately do decide to build dedicated courts, we provide a personal introduction to a local court builder for either new construction or buying lines.

    • We direct you to find resources for tape that doesn’t leave residue on your existing hard-court tennis courts (for temporary Pickleball court lines), as well as where to find paddles, balls and the best nets for a new, temporary introduction.

  4. We will meet with Club Management or your Committees to answer questions about pickleball and help your Director or Club Manager to provide the latest and most relevant information to your members.

Our Assessment and Audit is designed to provide you with everything you’ll need for a turn-key solution that makes it easy for your club to introduce Pickleball to your members. You can try Pickleball with minimal investment and based on the outcome, decide at a later time on the best long-term Pickleball strategy for your club.

Assessment & Audit, Plus+ Launch Events

Your existing professional staff is great – but chances are good that they are less confident about delivering Pickleball, than your existing racquet sports. We help your team with education, certification and the motivation to launch Pickleball at your club and begin teaching, programming and offering new and inclusive social events to your members. In extending our onsite visit to a 2nd Day, we work with your tennis or racquet sports staff as together we Launch Pickleball to your club.

Once you understand where you establish Pickleball at your club, it’s time to train and certifiy your professionals to teach and program the sport. Our Assessment Plus+Launch Events Service includes:

  1. Day One: Our Assessment and Audit as defined in the previous section.

  2. Day Two: We guide your staff through the industry approved pre-certification, Pickleball Professional Education program and administer the Professional Pickleball Registry Certification Test.

  3. Your now PPR certified staff is responsible for completing their PPR Member application and submitting their membership dues

  4. Alongside you now certified professionals, we lead a Pickleball Launch Day event which includes a Pickleball Exhibition that will build excitement among members, and a Opening Day Pickleball Clinic to help you members get started.

  5. After the event, we debrief your staff and provide a critique on how to make their member programs even more engaging and successful. We reinforce our proven and successful private-club strategy for Pickleball Clinics, Lessons, Social Events and Open Play.

  6. As a further programming and services option, we can schedule a National Pickleball Tournament for your club, providing your members with a great chance to watch and play with players from all over the country. If your club decides to explore this option, we provide the tournament director and your staff will be free to mingle with your members where they can offer tips, promote their program, and enhance the member experience.

Our Assessment Plus Launch Events Service is designed to introduce or reinforce your trial Pickleball program in a big way. We provide your team with the knowledge and credibility to succeed and deliver your members with a proven and successful event that is guaranteed to get them talking – and playing.

Specialized Pickleball Professional Search & Hiring Consulting

Mark McMahon and McMahon | 10s is the private club industry’s specialized search consultant for Tennis and Racquet Sport Professionals. Mark understands the nuances and intricacies of private clubs and guides Managers and Search Committees through the hiring of a Director of Tennis or a specialized Racquet Sports Professional who will lead their program to greatness.

If your club needs to identify a professional who will work alongside your Director of Tennis / Director of Racquet Sports, or if you are in the market for a new Director, McMahon can help you assess your specific needs and identify the professional who will help take your program to a higher level.

For more information about the value that McMahon adds to your Tennis Director or Racquet Sports Professional search, and to learn more about our search process, Click Here To Contact Mark McMahon by email, or visit our website.

To learn more about our Assessment and Audit or Launch Servics, Click Here To Contact Jarrett Chirico, call (310) 405-3949, or visit