search committee members

have fun - and improve your chances of a successful hire

At first blush, being asked to serve on a Search Committee sounds like fun. And, it should be! Reading resumes and cover letters, meeting some great professionals, talking about a shared love for a sport, and being involved in the decision-making process are all appealing thoughts, but there is more to a successful search.

Diving deep and defining the needs of the program, the expectations of the entire membership and clearly defining those expectations so they can be managed and measured, are critical steps that increase the chance for success, and truly make the interview and selection phase fun.

Should you invest in securing help for your search from a professional consultant? That depends of your risk-tolerance and the value of finding the ‘right’ professional for your club. This true value cannot be determined without also determining the costs to the club of getting it wrong. McMahon is an experienced industry expert who brings an impartial and objective perspective to a decision that must be based on more than a candidate’s personality or a ‘gut feel’.

Recruiting top performing professionals is labor-intensive, complex, and requires a rare set of skills and expertise. An average search process can involve up to 150 man-hours and the cost of a bad-hire is high. A search firm in an aligned industry recently cited a study revealing that over 90% of new hires failing within the first 12 months of employment are the result of poor candidate evaluation. No one wants responsibility for a hire that fails within a short period of time, but more importantly no one wants their program to be without leadership for a one day longer than necessary.

McMahon handles the tedious but important background work for you which includes receiving and reviewing 100+/- resumes and cover letters (which all soon begin to look and sound very similar), completing the initial 10-15 Video Interviews, compiling detailed notes on each candidate; completing background and reference checks, and verifying professional certification and education.

McMahon helps keep your search committee role fun, and lets you focus on making the right decision!