After many hours of reviewing resumes, checking references and weighing the pros and cons of your favorite candidates, you have finally made the choice of the person you want to be your next Professional. What could possibly go wrong?

No one wants any surprises at this stage of the process. Because of the work done before reaching this phase of the search, we expect quick acceptance of your Offer to your chosen candidate. The primary objective at this stage of the process is to confirm alignment of the Conditions and Compensation previously identified with the expectations of your selected Candidate. We craft a bullet-point outline of your Offer for your approval and remain available to present this outline to your selected candidate and act as an intermediary if needed on any final points.

9. on-boarding and continued support

Our services includes initial on-boarding counsel for your new professional, and if needed we are available for continued support throughout the first year of your new professional’s tenure. We believe that as a result of our guidance you can be confident in your selection, however sometimes there are challenges which surface during the early stages of a new position and McMahon remains available to provide continued support during this time.

While we don’t think you’ll need it, McMahon adds a final layer of confidence to your selection decision with our Unconditional Guarantee. Click Here to review the McMahon Guarantee —>