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Complimentary Consultation

Mark McMahon is a Master Professional and award-winning tennis consultant who personally directs your search. McMahon works with you during your consultation to definitively assess your needs and define your objectives. Mark listens to your ideas, helps you frame a vision for the program, and develops a profile of the type of the professional who will take your program to the next level.

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The shine of every new professional will eventually fade. McMahon's complimentary 'Before You Hire' Consultation helps ensure that your hiring decision is applauded by your membership now - and well into the future. 

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Mark effectively helped us define our club’s needs and expectations and facilitated development of desired skill sets and competencies for our prospective new hire.
— Bryan Kelley, Chairman, Wee Burn Country Club Tennis Committee

About our president

Our Founder and President, Mark McMahon is originally from Melbourne, Australia. Mark played tennis professionally before embarking on a career as a club professional. Recognized and awarded by his tennis industry peers, Mark has been acclaimed as an astute and insightful search consultant by many of the club managers and search committee chairs with whom he has worked. Mark brings the discipline and dedication of a world-class competitor and over 30 years of private club tennis excellence to every search engagement. 

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for the search committee

Retaining a Search Consultant doesn't mitigate the role of the Search Committee in any way. In fact, the Search Committee leads the search process from the outset - starting with completion of the Position Profile and Program Priorities Tools provided by McMahon in advance of your complimentary 'Before You Hire' Consultation. McMahon makes the job of the Search Committee easier, allowing the committee to focus on the selection process. McMahon provides the search committee with guidance, perspective and expertise - while taking care of the many details.

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