Career Coaching Examples

Coaching is personalized, one-to-one coaching. Via video conferencing with phone, text and email follow up and check-in, each session is designed to focus on what’s important to you.

To help understand how a Career Coaching Program could progress, consider each of the subjects below as you decide where you would like to focus your coaching. During your complimentary, no obligation career consultation we will review each of these modules in more detail.

Career goal setting

  1. Assess, Clarify and Define Professional Goals

    • Align professional goals with personal life goals

  2. Build Your Career Pathway & Timeline

career s.w.o.t assessment

  1. In comparison to your Goals, together we assess your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  2. Identify GAPS

  3. Create a Career Action Plan that will better prepare you to achieve your Career Goals

personal branding

  1. Create a winning First Impression

    • The New Online Interview

    • Career-Proof Your Profile

  2. Position your Personal Brand for Career Advancement

  3. Position your Personal Brand for Your Target Audience

  4. Aligning Your Personal Brand With Your Target Role

expanding your professional network

  1. Identify Relevant Networks

  2. Professional, Volunteer and Event-based Networks

  3. Using Access Points, Firewalls and Routers

  4. Configure your Network to Support Your Career Goals

skills coaching

  1. Operational Budgeting

  2. Capital Budget Management

  3. Event Development / Marketing

  4. Communications - Committee / General Manager / Board

  5. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

career “event” coaching

  1. Relocation - Targeting and Professional & Personal Planning and Considerations

  2. Search Support - Applying For A New job

    • Cover Letter Critique

    • Resume Review & Customization

    • Interview Coaching

  3. Personality Management - Coaching on how to deal with a challenging member, General Manager, Co-worker or Direct Report.